How do I find an English, Spanish or other language speaking doctor in Germany

A step by step guide to find a doctor which speaks your language in Germany based on your ZIP code.

This post was last updated on May 6, 2022

In this guide

Step 1: find out your ZIP code

Google your ZIP code by entering the name of your street and your city on Google:

A screenshot of how to Google your zip code in Germany

Step 2

Go to the KVBerlin website if you live in Berlin

Visit and expand Weitere Suchkriterien > Fremdsprachen in the bottom left screen source.

Go to the Techniker Krankenkasse medical specialists search engine if you live somewhere else in Germany.

Go to the TK medical specialists search engine. This is how it looks:

A screenshot of the TK medical specialists' search engine

Unfortunately, you cannot filter by English-speaking physician but you can check the languages spoken by the doctor when clicking on the full details:

A screenshot of the TK medical specialists search engine, the section displaying languages spoken by the doctor

Use the TK membership appointment system

*Techniker Krankenkasse members can call 040 - 4606619210 to use the TK appointment system or fill out this form to arrange a meeting with a specialist doctor near you.

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