Review of the best personal liability insurances in Germany

The washing machine leaked into the neighbors flat, you ran over somebody with the bicycle or a plant pot fell down the balcony and hit a car on the ground? That's where you want a personal liability insurance. We tested the best liability insurances in Germany starting at 43.- Euro per year.

This post was last updated on January 21, 2022
A washing machine leaking foam

How does a personal liability insurance protect me when living in Germany?

Accidents happen! There is an easy way you can protect yourself agains potentially ruinous damage claims. It's called a personal liability insurance or Haftpflichtversicherung / Privathaftpflichtversicherung in Germany. Germans don't sue in case of a damage claim: they ask about your personal liability insurance.

Some recommendations on this page are based on tests from the independent organisation Stiftung Warentest.

If you damage somebody's health or property you can be liable for an unlimited amount even if it was an accident. A liability insurance pays if you harmed a persons health, an object or caused financial losses. Up to 83% of German households have a personal liability insurance source.

Examples where you want a liability insurance

  • The neighbor in the apartment above a friends place drilled a hole in the wall and hit a water pipe. The water leaked into the apartments below. The liablility insurance payed for the renovation.
  • Somebody spills a cup of coffee over a friends laptop. In this case the private liability insurance pays to repair the laptop.
  • You run into a pedestrian with your bicycle and the person gets a broken leg. In this case the private liability insurance pays any claims from the pedestrians health insurance.

What is not covered

The following are not covered by a personal liability insurance:

  • Any damage which happens to your things is not covered by your own liability insurance.
  • Damages caused by car accidents are covered by the car owners mandatory vehicle liability insurance.
  • Damage caused by your dog is not included in your personal liability insurance.
  • Kids or other family members are not covered by your liability insurance unless the insurance plans explicitly says so. Ask for a family plan or Familienversicherung.

What to consider when choosing a personal liability insurance

  • The insurance should cover claims up to 10 million Euro.
  • The insurance should cover the entire sum without deductibles.

Best liability insurance plans for singles

Insurer Plan Yearly fee
WGV Optimal Starting at 42,30 Euro per year source
S.L.P Prima E-Dok Starting at 48,01 Euro per yearsource
VHV Klassik-Garant Starting at 55,08 Euro per yearsource

Compare prices for more single liability insurance plans or couple liability insurance plans.

Best liability insurance plans for families

Compare prices for more family liability insurance plans.

Best dog liability insurance plans

A dog is not covered by your personal liability insurance. A dog liability insurance is mandatory in many German cities and states like Berlin, Hamburg, Thüringen or Sachsen-Anhalt source.

A good dog liability insurance covers damage in your rental flat as well as any claims in case your dog makes another dog pregnant. Also check whether your dog is protected during travel. Some dog liability insurances don't require that you use a leash.

Insurer Plan Yearly fee
NV Premium Starting at 42.- Euro per year
Calculate your personal fee
HanseMerkur Hundehaftplicht Starting at 55.- Euro per year
Calculate your personal fee
Ammerländer Comfort Starting at 58.- Euro per year
Calculate your personal fee

Compare prices for more dog liability insurance plans.

Liability insurances with English support

Insurer Plan Yearly fee
Getsafe Liability
(single or family options)
Starting at 43,20 Euro per year
Calculate your personal fee
Feather Personal liability 59,88 Euro per year
Coya Dog Liability Starting at 71,88 Euro per year
Calculate your personal fee

Protect yourself for a small monthly fee against potential damage claims which could bankrupt you. Make sure to sign family members up as well. Dogs have to be insured separately.

Getsafe is a much recommended liability insurance in the German expat community with full English support source.

Please also consider Feather as an insurance broker. They offer a much recommended English language liability insurance plan for 4.99 Euro per month and have good customer support.


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