Find a short-term rental in Berlin

Some options to find an apartment for the first weeks and months in Berlin.

This post was last updated on July 7, 2022
View of the inside of a flat

There are several options to find a place to live after arriving in Berlin. We have a separate guide for hunting a long-term rental flat. This guide is for you if you just arrived in Berlin.

The first days and weeks in Berlin

The first weeks and months in Berlin is reportedly often used for scams source so we do not recommend using Craigslist for your flat search.

Some useful vocabulary in ads

  • Untermiete: Sublet – many people in Berlin sublet rooms or entire apartments. This is done because tenants need to make extra money or because people want to have the experience to share a flat with many people they can hang around with.

Important: you need the permission of the owner in order to officially register (Anmeldung) an address. You often need the registration in order to open a bank account. German passports have the address printed on them. A registration is handy for non-Germans in order to prove that they have an official address and I recommend having a copy of it in your wallet.

  • Wohngemeinschaft or WG: Shared apartments: – can be anything from communities with a set of ethics and rules and a political agenda to people in need of money who rent out a room but where you rarely ever see your flatmate.

Do you prefer to look for a long-term rental? We have a guide for searching for a long-term rental in Berlin.


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