The Good Life Germany

You want to relocate to Germany and live the good life? Well, you can have it! Germany offers interesting and good paid jobs as well as a developed social and health care system.

However many newcomers to Germany are lost in bureaucracy. If this is you, stay with us! We have many tips and easy guides to help you settle down in Germany. Here you find everything to get your dream job, apply for a visa, get affordable health care and handle your life the German way.

All our guides are genuine and based on experiences from expats. We only recommend services we believe in and occasionally we write bad things about services which suck!

Money and jobs

Everything you need to know to land a job in Germany, start a business or freelance. Learn how to handle your money the German way.

Visa and immigration

Guides to the different types of German visas, including work visa, freelance visa, student visa, artist visa and Blue Card.


We walk you trough the essentials of the German health care system. Our independent guides have recommendations for the best health insurance plans for singles, couples and families.

For your home

All you need to know after moving into a flat in Germany. You probably wonder which internet or electricity providers to choose after moving into your new home. We compiled some reviews based on tests on the internet, our own and other expats experiences.

How to succeed in Berlin

You just landed in Berlin and wonder how to land a flat, how to find a job and make ends meet? We have some tips and tricks to help you settle down in this marvelous city! Check out our Berlin starter guide.

How to settle down in Berlin

Our Berlin articles help you with flat search, get a job, freelance and anything you need to know to be successful in Berlin.

All our guides are based on the experiences of expats who relocated from countries all over the world to Berlin.

We recommend that you begin reading with our Berlin starter guide. We walk you trough all the necessary steps in order to settle down in Berlin as stress free as possible.

Berlin for kids

Berlin is a great city for children. We have some tips how to get your little ones into a Kita.